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May Events to Honor Mary

  • May Crowning - Sunday, May 21 at 10 am. Join us again this year as we honor Mary with a May Crowning event after the 9 am Mass. We will pray together and bring her flowers; please bring flowers from your garden or the store to present to Mary.this is a wonderful event for all ages, even the little ones.

May - the month of Mary

The Church honors Mary, the mother of Jesus, with special devotion, especially during month of May. Why do we honor Mary? The main reason is because God Himself honored her by choosing her to be the mother of His only Son, Jesus. Mary is the first disciple and a model disciple for us to follow in our walk with Jesus. Why? Because she was the first one to accept Jesus when she said yes to the angel Gabriel at the Annunciation.

We too are asked to say yes and follow Jesus, and ask for Mary's help and intercession along the way. Throughout her life she showed us many different ways to follow Jesus:

  • Helping others - Immediately after learning of her own pregnancy, Mary set out "in haste" to help her cousin Elizabeth.
  • Searching and following Jesus - when Mary and Joseph lost Jesus in the temple, they didn't stop searching until they found him.
  • "Do whatever he tells you" - During the wedding at Cana Mary tells the waiter "do whatever He tells you".

Learn Why May is the Month of Mary and 10 Reasons to Love and Honor Mary in these articles from the National Catholic Register.

Ideas and resources to honor Mary 

  • Watch Gayle's video (see below) on May - the month of Mary
  • Consider a walking pilgrimage to a local Marian church or shrine during this month. Join and be inspired by others doing the same - Modern Catholic Pilgrim
  • Praying the Rosary is one of the most beautiful and well-known ways to honor Mary and learn more about her son Jesus; watch Gayle's video (see below) on Praying the Rosary
  • Other Marian prayers such as the Hail Mary, Memorare, and Hail Holy Queen
  • Read about some of our parishioners devotions to Mary in these #IamSaintBrigid articles on devotions to Mary and Our Lady of Guadalupe 
  • Resources from the USCCB - including prayers, videos, and more