Our mission is to Encounter, Love, and Serve Jesus, One Another, and The World.

Small Groups

C2C Small Groups

Fall Groups - start the week of October 5

This Fall our resource is called God is Love: Knowing God through Uncertainty. The resource takes a look at many of today’s challenges and explore how God—who is Love—helps us experience hope and peace, enables us to walk in faith and trust, and equips us to “be” love to others. We hope and pray that this Fall Series helps you grow in your Connection to Christ, now in this time of uncertainty and always. To access the handouts and videos for our Fall resource, click here.

What are C2C small groups all about?

C2C small groups are a great way to meet new friends, deepen your faith and get to know Jesus better. Join a group today!

  • Most meet weekly during Fall and Lent; others continue throughout the year. Fall groups will start the week of October 5.
  • Daytime and evening groups available
  • Meet virtually or in-person (socially distanced)
  • Consist of 6-12 people
  • Pray together, discuss faith, read Scripture, and support one another
  • Choose a specific (i.e. young adults, women, parents, etc.) or mixed group
  • Learn more or contact Julie for more information

See what people are saying about C2C small groups in the videos below.



What do people like best about C2C small groups?

"Making new friends and sharing faith; studying God's Word in a group setting; being challenged to grow in faith and witness."

"I was totally changed by C2C - humbled by the Spirit, encouraged in ways I didn't expect. It has led to a lot of growth."

"Having a community that gathers weekly to share faith is not normal in our culture - C2C is much appreciated."

"Being able to share my faith, along with life's difficulties, in confidence."