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Mass Times

St. Brigid's San Diego Mass Times

Purple Tier Mass Schedule 

Feel more comfortable celebrating Mass at home?

Can't join us for Mass or heading out of town? 

Are you not able to join St. B's for Mass?  See other resources below:

  • Read the Scripture readings from Mass
  • Listen to Mass on the radio - Relevant Radio San Diego 1000 AM (formerly Immaculate Heart Radio) Daily 5:30 pm (Monday - Saturday); Sunday Mass 5 pm
  • Heading out of town and want to know where to attend Mass while you are away? Visit Catholic Mass Times or PARISHESonline or the Catholic Directory to find a parish nearby.
  • Watch Mass on TV - see details below
Provider EWTN - Daily Mass at 8 am, 12 and 7 pm Heart of the Nation - Sunday Mass at 8 or 8:30 am
Local Provider - KFMB   Channel 8, 2 (8:30 am)
AT&T Uverse Channel 562 Channel 6 (8:30 am)
Spectrum (Time Warner) Channel 460 Channel 6 (8:30 am), Channel 3 (8 am)
Cox Channel 5151 Channel 6 (8:30 am), Channel 67 (8 am)
Dish Network Channel 261  
Direct TV Channel 370  
C-Band Satellite Channel G1-11  

Elements of the Catholic Mass 

Have you or your family and friends ever had questions about the Mass?  What are all those signs and symbols? Who says the Mass is boring? What is the priest wearing? Explore some or all of these questions in 31, three to five minute videos that help all to appreciate the beauty of the Catholic Mass. The first video - The Meaning of Liturgy is below.  For a complete list of all episodes including helpful study guides, click here.