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Infant Baptism Sacrament Orientation for Parents and Godparents (Bi-monthly)

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Congratulations on the birth or pending birth of your child or godchild! Our team at Saint Brigid Parish welcomes your inquiry about the gateway sacrament of baptism. By seeking to have a child baptized, parents express their intent and accept the responsibility to educate their child in the practice of the Catholic faith, as do the godparents. This time in your life brings a renewed invitation for parents and godparents to Encounter, Love, and Serve ~ Jesus, One Another, and the World.  

Upcoming Orientation - Tuesday, May 9 at 6 pm via Zoom 

Register Here - Infant Baptism Orientation for Parents and Godparents - May 9th, 6 pm via Zoom

Ongoing faith enrichment for Parents and Godparents:  Participation in our Connection To Christ (C2C) small groups, which meet seasonally, is highly encouraged for parents and godparents. Connection to Christ Small groups are a great way to meet new people, ask questions, and grow in faith. To learn more or join a group click here.  

Unbaptized Adults (and Children, aged 7 years and up) ~ Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) with an adaptation for Older Children

RCIA is the process for an unbaptized adult to explore the Catholic faith through an "apprenticeship" in the way of Christian discipleship within this community of believers. For more information about this process, including information for baptized Christians or baptized Catholics desiring preparation for the sacraments of initiation, please consult the RCIA page or contact Lee Hulburt in the parish office.

Is your unbaptized child 7 years and older?  Preparing older children for baptism is a comprehensive, multi-sacrament preparation process, coordinated through our children's religious education director, Gayle Heyman.  Please contact Gayle directly to discuss your older child's sacrament preparation journey.


Watch the video below on the Sacrament of Baptism by Bishop Barron... 


Sacramental Certificate or Letter of Good Standing

Have you already received a sacrament at Saint Brigid Parish and require a certificate for baptism?  Or do you need a letter of good standing to be a godparent?


Would you like to express your gratitude to the parish, the priest, and/or the deacon that presided over your child's baptism (your donation is tax-deductible)? Click here or press the Give button below.