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Catholic Confirmation

Confirmation is the beginning of the rest of our lives as Catholics! It is the moment where you stand up for yourself, claiming that God has a primary place in your life and you are choosing to live differently because of that fact. The Holy Spirit, once again, enters your heart and stirs up the gifts God gave you at Baptism to be your truest self.

If you are an adult over 18 years seeking confirmation, please go to the Christian Initiation page.

Typically, Catholics are Confirmed as teenagers, and our regular process is open to High Schoolers as early as Freshman year. 2019-20 registration will open later this summer. Saint Brigid Parish offers a 2 year Confirmation preparation process focused on building intentional and personal relationships with God and one another. Our process is developing, so stay tuned for updates and information on getting connected or serving our teens!

In the Diocese of San Diego the minimum age for Confirmation is 15, so we encourage teens to begin their preparation as they begin 9th grade. There are times, however, that a Catholic hasn't been confirmed at the ordinary time and we certainly welcome them too. Whether you’re coming back to the Church, considering converting, or preparing to be a Godparent or sponsor, we want to help you see the Gifts of the Holy Spirit that are already at work in your life. Confirmation is all about living your Catholic faith and doing so fully, as God created you. Contact Vita to learn more.

Watch the short Sacraments 101 video below from Busted Halo to better understand why we are confirmed...