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What are some opportunities and resources for Lent as I prepare for Easter?

Because of the COVID-19 virus this year, Lent is looking different for all of us, especially since we cannot attend Mass as a community and we are spending more time at home self-distancing, telecommuting, tele-schooling, etc. Click here for COVID-19 updates and more information from the parish and diocese. Ask yourself, now what does God want me to do during Lent? Explore the resources below for some ideas that work for you and the whole family.  


Lenten Message from Fr. Steve x73ttzyz0kjr1mvhqgabezwirxl.jpg

On Ash Wednesday 35 years ago during my studies for the priesthood, our seminary director of spiritual formation gave a homily during Mass that day that permanently changed my approach to the season of Lent. The gist of his remarks were that we typically focus on what WE do during Lent: the traditional practices of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. While these are important, they are only meant to serve as an instrument for us to be attentive to something else: What does God want to do in us during this holy season?

When the focus is on what we do, we can be tempted to be proud of ourselves for what we accomplished if we adhere faithfully to our Lenten practices. Or, conversely, we can despair if we fail to observe our Lenten resolutions. In doing so, we miss the point of what the season of Lent is all about. And so, while what we do is important, may we see it as only a pathway to help attune our hearts to the movement of the Holy Spirit within us and among us during these 40 days of Lent. How is the Holy Spirit seeking to empower us to embrace more fully the call we have been given as beloved children of God and disciples of Jesus?

Learn more about Lent in this 3-minute video by Busted Halo