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Easter is more than just one day!

Remember Easter is a season rather than just a day.  It is a period of fifty days that begins on Easter Day (April 12) and ends on Pentecost (May 31). This season starts on Easter Sunday when we celebrate Jesus' resurrection (rising) from the dead.  Forty days later Jesus, in the presence of His disciples, ascended bodily into Heaven so we celebrate the Ascension. Ten days later, the Holy Spirit descends on Jesus' disciples, and we celebrate this event on Pentecost. Bishop McElroy invites us to a Pentecost Mass for all cultures that will be video-streamed on Sunday May 31 starting at 6 am

Let us pray together - Come Holy Spirit!

As the story is told, the first novena (nine days of prayer and meditation usually to ask God for special petitions) took place between the Ascension and Pentecost, as the disciples (both men and women) huddled in prayer with Mary in the upper room waiting for the Holy Spirit of God to come upon them. 

Join with others in the St. B's community by praying a novena to the Holy Spirit for an end to this COVID-19 pandemic. Some novena options include a self-guided novena with Scripture, novena by musician Dan Schutte, or a guided novena with email reminders. As Deacon Chris reminds us, let us each pray in our own words, with confidence that the Spirit has bold plans for us and this community. May we be open to receive the strong winds and life-giving fire God has in store for us, and may we allow the Spirit to renew the face of the Earth. Watch Gayle's video on celebrating Pentecost below and her video on Ascension and Novenas

What are some ways to journey through the Easter season while staying at home this year?

Because of the COVID-19 virus this year, Easter will look different for all of us, especially since we cannot attend Mass as a community and we are spending more time at home self-distancing, telecommuting, tele-schooling, etc. Click here for COVID-19 updates and more information from the parish and diocese. Ask yourself, now what does God want me to do during Easter? Explore these ideas and resources below and find some that work for you and the whole family.  

  • Celebrate Mass at Home 
  • Be the light this Easter - put up some white lights and light them each night from the Easter Vigil (April 11) until Pentecost (May 31)!
  • Learn from the first disciples as we journey through the Acts of the Apostles - either with your C2C small group or on your own
  • Watch this 2-minute video from Busted Halo on Pentecost
  • Watch music videos from our St. B's musicians 
  • Reflect on the daily readings 
  • Pray for friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, people you don't know, and our world
  • Do a random act of kindness every day without ever leaving your home
  • Make a donation to St. B's, or a charity close to your heart

What are some other Easter resources?

  • Resources from the USCCB - including prayers, videos, an interactive Lenten calendar, and more
  • Videos, movies, podcasts, and more from FORMED for the whole family
  • Looking for additional family resources? - explore our kids page 
  • Share your journey through Easter on social media and explore our Pinterest page.