Our mission is to Encounter, Love, and Serve Jesus, One Another, and The World.

Serve The World

There are many ongoing ways and places to serve at St. B’s! Click here to learn more. See below how several of our parishioners have been specifically called to serve the world. Join them and others in doing God's work throughout the world.  

Friends and Helpers of Madre Berenice (FHMB)

FHMB was started by Betty Matteson, Katie Brown and other long-time parishioners who in 2003 travelled to Ecuador as pilgrims. Over the years they continued to visit Ecuador and established their non-profit organization in 2006. hpv4rf15zn21j3r4e3i16zr6z5l.JPGTheir mission is inspired by the teaching of Jesus, and the call to have a preferential love of the poor, FHMB was organized to provide help and support to the missionaries of Ecuador. Assistance is given by acquiring healthcare and educational supplies, clothing, and funds to supplement the services of the missionaries. Members witness the love of God by visiting and getting to know and serve the people personally. Learn more in this ministry highlight or visit their website



Food Packaging Event and Celebration

Food Packing Event

Thank you for the hundreds from our community that have gathered to assemble 58,000+ meals (in two hours) for our impoverished brothers and sisters across the globe in Tanzania, Haiti, Mexico and San Diego. Visit the Casa de los Pobres website , donate financially, or contact Caroline with to learn more.