Our mission is to Encounter, Love, and Serve Jesus, One Another, and The World.

Serve The Community

Santa RunHow do we serve those in Pacific Beach (PB) and San Diego? 

We are blessed to call San Diego our home but we are also called to serve those in our community who are in need.  Through outreach to our community, we support organizations that provide help, dignity, and solidarity. At St. B's we host Give Back Sunday about six times per year, which is an opportunity for you and your family to donate needed items that can be dropped off after Masses. Also explore below some of these great organizations and ministries going God's work with immigrants, the homeless, and homebound.

Saint Brigid Parish Food Distribution in Partnership with Catholic Charities

4th Fridays of the month - starting Friday February 28th from 9:30 - 11:30 am in the north parking lotSD Food BankCatholic Charities SD

In partnership with Catholic Charities, Saint Brigid Parish will operate a food distribution site on the last Friday of each month. Catholic Charities is a recognized distribution partner with San Diego Food Bank which receives commodities from the USDA’s’ Emergency Food Assistance Program (EFAP). Catholic Charities plans to open 20 distribution sites at  20 parishes throughout the Diocese of San Diego by 2021. St. B's is one of the first parishes to partner with Catholic Charities to help improve the health of low-income families, allowing them to live with dignity. Families and individuals will receive food packages containing a variety of canned food, dry grains, proteins (such as meat, canned or frozen), and other nutritious items.

Each month we are looking for 15-20 helpers in various roles such as line monitor, check-in table, shopping assistants, stock or surplus clerk, recycler, or driver. Volunteer registration through Catholic Charities is preferred but drop-ins are welcome. We also need your prayers! To learn more go to our food distribution page.

Support Local Immigrant Youth in Crisis

Students Without Limits was started in 2012 by parishioners Kevin and Amie Scully and supports traumatized children separated from their parents by providing legal and mental health support. They also guide DACA youth through the college application process and through to college graduation. They do this through year-round in-school support groups called "little family meetings" at 13 local high schools. To learn more about Students without Limits click the icons below and check out their Ministry Highlight


Homeless Outreach 

We serve the homeless in Pacific Beach and San Diego in a variety of ways.  Click here for more details

Homebound - during this COVID-19 pandemic, this ministry is still very active. They are calling and praying with our homebound, as well as delivering soup and other food as requested. Contact Gerry or Bev to help.

Did you know several of our parishioners are homebound and unable to make it to Mass?  See various ways you can help them: 

  • Visit our homebound and take them the Eucharistic 
  • Make phone calls to homebound, family member or someone whose day you know would be brightened by hearing from you 
  • Write greeting cards - cards are sent seven times a year including their birthday (if it's provided to us) 
  • Pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet with us on Thursdays at 3 pm during adoration or pray on your own

Contact: Gerry and Bev Greer (858) 750-6542


There are many ongoing ways and places to serve at St. B’s! Click here to learn more.