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Prayer Resources



The 1% Challenge - 15 minutes a day in God's word

1% of your day is 14 minutes and 24 seconds - for the sake of the kingdom, let's round it up to 15 minutes. 15 minutes each day spent in God's presence - reading, reflecting, responding and resting in His word adds up to 90 hours in one year. Click on the icon to learn more and start your 1% Challenge today.

Listen to the Bible in a Year Podcast with Fr. Mike Schmitz

Join millions of people around the world listening to the Bible in a Year podcast with Fr. Mike Schmitz. Daily episodes which are about 20 minutes long, include Fr. Mike reading from the bible, prayer, and commentary.

Read the Bible online or get the app

BibleGateway is a searchable online bible in over 150 versions and 50 languages.  Click the icon on the left to begin exploring.  Note - the recommended Bible version for Catholics is the New American Bible (Revised Edition) (NABRE).

Acts of Apostles

Spend time celebrating and learning from the first disciples. Journey in a community, or on your own, as we read about, explore, and share in the mission of the early church by reading through the Acts of the Apostles. We've created a resource designed to be used over seven weeks that contains a reading guide, questions for reflection or discussion, maps, and weekly challenges that help us recognize the Holy Spirit in our lives.  Our hope is that this resource will help us grow in community, faith, and willingness to spread God’s love to the ends of the Earth!


FORMED is an online platform which provides access to the best Catholic audio talks, movies, e-books, and video-based studies from providers like Augustine Institute, Ignatius Press, Catholic Answers, Sophia Institute Press and St. Paul Center right at your fingertips.  Use FORMED 24/7 to help you and your family grow in faith.  While the parish used to have an online subscription, you are still able to enjoy FORMED for $9.99 a month or $100 per year. Click to register.

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