Our mission is to Encounter, Love, and Serve Jesus, One Another, and The World.


Make the most out of your offering

Giving online just got easier, try it today! Our new partnership with Pushpay is convenient, safe, and helps our parish be better stewards of our time and resources. Use the buttons below to either give to our Sunday offering and other charitable funds or pay for your wedding, our GIFT faith formation, Padre tickets, etc. 

Why give online? It is convenient, safe, and saves time...

Reduces time, costs, and environmental impact—Did you ever think about what happens after the collection is taken up on Sunday? Envelopes must be separated from loose cash, opened, compared against the dollar amount written on the outside, and recorded. Checks much be logged and stamped. Bills (and coins) must be separated by denomination, counted and re-counted. And all this must be deposited at the bank. The one-time-use envelopes must be shredded if they have personal information on them, and recycled. When you give online, these steps are either eliminated or automated.

Make a greater impact for God’s Kingdom—Your financial stewardship remains consistent whether you are traveling, visiting another parish, or forgot your checkbook or envelope. That year-round consistency positively impacts the stability and growth of our parish ministries and outreach programs. See the beautiful reasons why some of our parishioners give by visiting our Stewardship page and watching their 5-minute video witness talks.

E-Giving - it's as easy as 1 - 2 - 3. Not sure how? 

  1. Click here
  2. Click Select Sunday Offering or another donation type
  3. Click recurring donation or one-time payment and then enter your donation amount and frequency

Click online giving flyer for more details or contact Debbie if you have questions.