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What is Advent?

Advent is all about waiting for Jesus Christ. The Gospel readings of Advent make us mindful of three ways we await Jesus—past, present, and future. First, we remember and accompany Mary, Joseph, and the newborn Jesus. Second, we prepare for the celebration of Jesus’ birth this Christmas, so that the day doesn’t pass us by with just sentimental words and short-lived presents. Third, we anticipate the second coming of Jesus Christ, who will come in power and glory and establish his kingdom of peace and justice on earth.  

Remember Advent isn't about shopping, stressing, planning or buying but about expecting, waiting, hoping and praying.  

What can I do this Advent to prepare for Christmas?

There are so many ways to have the best Advent ever - to slow down and focus on what matters most during this busy season.  Explore the resources below and find some that work for you and the whole family.  

  • Daily emails - from Dynamic Catholic that include short inspirational videos, practical tips and real-life encouraging stories or from FORMED that also include an option for kid reflections 
  • Resources from the USCCB - including blessings for your Advent wreath, Christmas Tree and Nativity Scene as well as Lectio Divina for Advent 2chhopj94vs3mxs2t3lnjemclol.jpg
  • Videos, movies, podcasts and more from FORMED for the whole family
  • Advent Calendars - print this family advent calendar or go digital this year with an Advent calendar from USCCB or Busted Halo
  • Did You Know articles from The Way (bulletin) written by Deacon Chris - week 1 on the Advent Wreath, week 2 on Advent, week 3 on Gaudete and week 4 on Christmas
  • Advent Article recommended by Father Steve titled The journey of Advent: to hasten towards God's love 
  • Here are some suggestions of how to add some meaning to your Advent waiting:
    • Help serve a meal to the homeless
    • Spend some extra time in prayer
    • Be patient with your family
    • Speak kindly to strangers 
    • Go to Mass as a family

Learn more about Advent in this 2-minute video by Busted Halo