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Congratulations on your engagement!  This is an exciting journey for you and we appreciate your interest in having Saint Brigid Parish be part of your big day.  In order to ensure enough time on your marriage preparation, we recommend a nine month marriage preparation process.  Please fill out the Wedding Inquiry Form to tell us a little bit more about yourself and your plans.  Or if you have questions, contact Mary


Marriage Encounter Weekend - January 18-20, 2019 in Rancho Bernardo 

Worldwide Marriage Encounter celebrates the love you have for your spouse and helps you to build, expand, and deepen that relationship. Sign up for the upcoming November 2-4th weekend in Rancho Bernardo. Food and lodging are provided. There is a $75 fee and a voluntary donation requested at the end of the weekend. For many couples "Their Weekend" is one of the most significant experiences of their marriages. Sign up today.

Watch the short Sacraments 101 videos below from Busted Halo answering questions on Catholic matrimony...