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Catholic in Recovery

Saint Brigid Parish currently hosts weekly meetings as part of our alliance with Catholic in Recovery (CIR). The meetings consist of reading literature from CIR that connects the Sunday readings with recovery principles as well as time for group sharing. We have a Men's Recovery Group and a Friends and Family Support Group.  These meetings are highlighted below and are strictly confidential. Email Catholic in Recovery for more info or simply just show up.

Catholic in Recovery is a nonprofit organization that seeks to serve those suffering from substance abuse addiction and other psychological dependencies/addictions (including, but not limited to, pornography addiction, sex and relationship addiction, various eating addictions, gambling addiction, and unhealthy relationships with wealth, power, pleasure, and honor).

Through programs and ministries that draw people closer to these two powerful sources of grace, it is the aim of Catholic in Recovery to share the Good News that God can bring about healing and recovery, even in the most hopeless of cases.  The goal of every encounter and interaction that one has with our organization is connection—connections with others who have struggled or still struggle from a similar state of hopelessness as well as connection to Jesus Christ, the Lord that delivers new life. 


Men's Recovery Group

Every Monday at 7 pm in the Knights of Columbus room (located on southeast corner of Church building facing Diamond Street)

Pornography and sex addiction have run rampant throughout our culture and, as per reliable Catholic sources, impacts over 50% of Catholic men. The time has come to unite as a community to break this pattern and find freedom together through the channels of faith and fellowship.  Come join us as we gather for support on the road to healing and recovery. Email Catholic in Recovery for more info or simply just show up.


Friends and Family Support Group

Every Wednesday at 12:15 pm (NEW time) in the John Paul II room (located on the north side of the Church building)

Addiction affects everyone, especially those closest to the addict or alcoholic.  If you are familiar with the challenges of finding serenity in the midst of an active or recovering addict's behavior, join others who have been impacted by addiction and journey towards personal freedom.  We discuss the Sunday readings in light of recovery principles and seek to foster a deeper understanding of our own recovery through the situations in our life.  We welcome you to join us if you are a family member or loved one of someone who is suffering from addiction. Email Catholic in Recovery for more info or simply just show up.


e5qv6uo3avukjgi5c96qt2me9wl.jpegAlcoholics Anonymous (AA) 11th Step Open Meeting

Every Thursday at 6 pm in the John Paul II room (located on the north side of the Church building)

In taking the 11th Step, we "seek through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God as we understand him, praying only for knowledge of His will for us and the power to carry that out."  If you are in 12-Step Recovery and are interested in deepening your prayer and meditation practice, consider joining other 12-Steppers for Centering Prayer.