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Prayer - talking and listening to God as we would a close friend

Daily personal conversational prayer is essential for our relationship with Jesus.  And growing in personal prayer helps us to open our hearts more to benefits we receive, especially every time we partake in the Eucharist or the sacrament of reconciliation. 

Explore the many prayer opportunities you have right here at St. B's.  Or let us provide you a couple of suggestions of prayer at home.  Looking for the readings at Mass?  Or have a prayer request?  

3 ways Catholics can respond to gun violence - pray, reflect and act

  • Pray - prayer does two things.  First it reminds up that our response to violence must always be grounded in love and mercy of Christ. Second it keeps us from despair and gives us hope when we trust our lives to God.
  • Reflect - discern how you are being called to action by reflecting on Jesus in the Gospels, the teaching of the Church and the lives of saints.  Be informed.
  • Act - at the end of Mass, we are commissioned to "go in peace, glorifying the Lord by [our] life."  This statement invites us to put faith into action by the daily works of our lives.
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