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Mass Times

Mass Times

Mass Times St. Brigid's San Diego Mass Times

  • Sunday Masses: 7:30, 9, and 11 am, 5:30 pm 
  • Saturday Vigil: 5:30 pm 
  • Weekday Mass: 7:30 am Monday - Saturday 

Can't join us for Mass? 4v8neesgfuvve4wywo1ji1lz9zl.JPG

Are you not able to join us for Mass but are looking for info on how to watch it on our local tv stations or listen to it on our local radio stations?  See details below:

  • TV - EWTN - Direct TV channel 370 - Sunday Mass at 5 am, 9 am, 9 pm 
  • Radio - Relevant Radio San Diego 1000 AM (formerly Immaculate Heart Radio) Daily 5:30 pm (Monday - Saturday); Sunday Mass 5 pm

Heading out of town? 

Are you heading out of town and want to know where to attend Mass while you're away?  Visit Catholic Mass Times or PARISHESonline or the Catholic Directory to find a parish nearby.