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Small Groups

Small Groups


Connection to Christ Small Groups

Small groups are where our large church gets small...

Our Connection to Christ (C2C) small groups consist of 6-12 people who meet in someone’s home or at the parish. Most C2C small groups meet weekly during Lent and Fall; others continue throughout the year.  Some C2C small groups are mixed by age and gender; others are grouped by life stage (i.e. young adult, women, married couples, singles, seniors, etc.).  All C2C small groups meet to pray together, discuss faith, read Scripture, and support one another. 

Connection to Christ small groups are a great way to meet new people, ask questions and grow in faith. Learn more in this Ministry Highlight. Join a group today or contact Julie for more information 


What are people saying about C2C small groups?  What do they like best about C2C?

"Making new friends and sharing faith; studying God's Word in a group setting; being challenged to grow in faith and witness."

"Trust - we can be open about our journey with Jesus."

"For me personally, this Lent has been a difficult journey but C2C has kept me on track and focused my faith."

"Having a weekly community to gather and share our faith is abnormal in millennial culture - C2C is much appreciated."

"Safe place to share - intimacy with other people that one doesn't normally have."

"I was totally changed through this process - humbled by the Spirit, encouraged in ways I didn't expect.  It led to a lot of growth."