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Serve The Community

Serve The Community

Neighbors in Need at Saint Brigid'sHow do we serve those in Pacific Beach (PB) and San Diego? 

We look to provide help, dignity and solidarity through the following:

Neighbors in Need 

2nd and 4th Monday of every month from 5 to 7 pm in the Parish Hall
We minister to our neighbors, seniors, parishioners and families who are in need, gathering for shared prayer and a meal.  In 2017 we served over 4,000 meals.  In addition we provide clothing, socks, sleeping bags, throws, travel size personal products, toothbrushes and snack bags.  All are welcome. 

Offer your financial support or learn more in this Ministry Highlight.

Support Local Immigrant Youth in Crisis  

Students Without Limits was started in 2012 by parishioners Kevin and Amy Scully and supports traumatized children separated from their parents by providing legal and mental health support.  They accompany children through the trauma of ICE taking their mom or dad and connect them with critical resources.  They also guide DACA youth through the college application process and through to college graduation.    They do this through year-round in-school support groups called "little family meetings" at 13 local high schools.  

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  • Visit our homebound and take them the Eucharistic 
  • Make phone calls to homebound, family member or someone whose day you know would be brightened by hearing from you 
  • Write greeting cards - cards are sent seven times a year including their birthday (if it's provided to us) 
  • Pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet with us on Thursdays at 3 pm during adoration or pray on your own
  • Contact: Gerry and Bev Greer (858) 750-6542

Creation Care Team


The mission of Saint Brigid’s Creation Care Team is to be responsible stewards of Creation in our community and beyond. We strive to follow the recommendations made in Pope Francis’s encyclical Laudato Si to care for the environment and all living beings through education and action.  For more info contact our creation care team

“Education in environmental responsibility can encourage ways of acting which directly and significantly affect the world around us, such as avoiding the use of plastic and paper, reducing water consumption, separating refuse, cooking only what can be reasonably consumed, showing care for other living beings, using public transport or carpooling, planting trees, turning off unnecessary lights, or any number of other practices.” – Pope Francis, Laudato Si

Are you interested in serving the community in some way and want to learn more.  Click on the serve button below.