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The Wheel

0uci6qtb8jem34z88jzs0mknv8l.JPGDiscipleship Wheel - Heart and Habits of a Disciple

This illustration shows, in a simple way, the basic elements of a life in Christ. If you incorporate each of them into your life of discipleship, your spiritual “wheel” will keep moving you closer to him.

The vertical axis includes prayer and scripture - our relationship with Jesus and the Father in the Holy Spirit.  Prayer is simply talking with and listening to God as we would a close friend. Scripture is one of the main ways God communicates to us.  

The horizontal axis includes community and evangelization - our relationships with other people as members of Christ’s body.  Jesus intended for us to live in community.  We need one another for support, encouragement, and accountability.  Evangelization is sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with others.

The outer circle includes obedience - living out our relationship with Christ in our attitudes and actions.  It also keeps the Discipleship Wheel all together and mobilizes us for mission.  To learn more click on the wheel.  

Source: The Evangelical Catholic Reach More Track 1