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Staff Member: Scott Weeman

Staff Member: Scott Weeman

Scott Weeman

Young Adult Ministry and Recovery Support
Phone: 858-483-3416
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Scott's skills in ministry are as diverse as the uses he can find for macaroni and cheese! He says mac & cheese is his favorite food because whether it's gourmet or from a box, it can begin a meal, enhance a meal, or be the meal itself! His most memorable travel experience was his honeymoon in Rome; he and his wife were able to take in amazing sights, eat gelato three times a day, and even shake hands with Pope Francis. Some of his favorite activities include golf, beach volleyball, riding bikes with his wife, and (competitive) game nights with friends. Scott has found that allowing more time for silence has brought him peace, focus, and time to listen to others' experiences of Christ, as a means of growing closer to Him himself.

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