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Upcoming Events - 9/11 5K Run  

Join us for our 9/11 5K to honor the victims, those who served, those lost their lives on September 11, 2001, or as a result of, and their friends and family. Meet at 8:30 am at Law St. for a prayer and reflection prior to kicking off the runs. We will have a 1 mile Kids jog/walk, 5K Walk, and 5K Run.

After the race, food will be provided afterwards at the beach, sponsored by the Knights of Columbus. 


Military Ministry at St. B's! 


The Capodanno (Cap) Society serves Catholic military members—active and retired—and their families here at St. B’s. The ministry started after several Navy Officers met on a Saint Brigid Parish Pilgrimage mid-2018 and talked about the unique professional and spiritual challenges that they faced in their jobs. After the pilgrimage, they slowly realized just how many military folks there are at St. B's, and wanted to share the benefits they experienced by having a network of military Catholics within a larger group; in that, Cap was born.

Inspired by Fr. Capodanno's devotion to God and his profession, we want to provide events and build community to support every vocation of life:  being a kid, spouse, transitioning careers, employee, employer, retiree, parents, friend, and everything in between.  Each stage of life holds a unique challenge, joy, and purpose.  We are here to support you, your friends, and family through it.

Civilians and military members alike are welcome to all Capodanno Society events.   


To provide community and resources to Catholics who served our country and their friends and family, in order to jointly pursue vocational and spiritual excellence.

Fr. Vincent Capadanno

Cap Society

The Cap Society is named after Fr. Vincent Capodanno, a US Navy Chaplain who served with infantry Marines in Vietnam. Beloved by his men for volunteering to join them on the front lines, Fr. Capodanno was killed in combat while administering last rites to his men in 1967. He was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor and in 2002, his official cause for canonization was opened by the Vatican. Thus, the St. B’s Cap Society looks to their namesake as they seek to serve the men and women of the Armed Forces here in our community through social events, prayer, and intentional Catholic Military community. Learn more about this ministry and see some of our Veteran's. His dedication to serving God and serving his country fed the other.  

Active Duty Support

If you or a loved one are on deployment, please contact Noreen so the Cap Society can pray, send a care package, and set you up with a support person, mentor, or mentee.

Get Connected

Contact Noreen to learn more about monthly socials and other upcoming events. 


  • The Deployment Cycle - how to cope with the three phases of the deployment cycle as a Navy family