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What is a disciple? How can I be a disciple?

The simplest way to describe a disciple is a follower of Jesus. As disciples, we allow the Lord to guide us and strive to imitate His way of thinking and acting. We lead lives of personal prayer and morality, concern ourselves with the needs of the poor and marginalized, foster a spirit of gratitude, joy, and compassion, and participate actively in our faith community. In order to nurture this rule and rhythm of life, we must be lifelong learners and come to know Jesus more fully by reflecting upon Scripture. In doing so, we discover the gifts and the mission entrusted to us by God for the good of the world.

None of us, of course, follows the way all the time. Some days we act and think as disciples of Jesus, while other days we miss the mark. But discipleship should be the goal we set for ourselves each morning and the standard by which we evaluate ourselves each night. Explore more of our call to missionary discipleship. 

Five Characteristics of a Dynamic Disciple

What are some ways to become a disciple?  Listed below are the five characteristics of a dynamic disciple - believe in Jesus Christ, grow in Christ, gather in Christian community, love like Jesus and lead others to Christ.  We invite you to join us for Mass or other spiritual, service and social events designed to help you on your discipleship journey with Christ.

  • Believe — that Jesus Christ is God and came to save us from our sins
  • Grow — closer to Jesus; ask yourself 'where am I going? where am I growing?' 
  • Gather — we need others, others need us... God made us that way 
  • Lead — others to Jesus through friendship
  • Love — follow His ways, think and act like Jesus

Father Steve's perspective on discipleship

Click here to read his article - The Essentials of Being a Disciple from the Southern Cross (July 2018).    Or watch his homily on discipleship below.