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God is Love

C2C Fall Resource - God is Love: Knowing God through Uncertainty

Whether you are joining for the first time or have been in a Connection to Christ small group for a while, welcome! In 2020, we found ourselves in the midst of many challenges. COVID-19 affected us in a variety of ways, causing fear, anxiety, depression, loss, and uncertainty about the future. We were made us acutely aware of the profound affect racism still has on our culture. And the election caused disunity, anger, and lack of charity. We might have wondered where God was in the midst of all of this and what we can possibly do to make a difference. 

Through our Fall Series, God is Love: Knowing God through Uncertainty, we looked at many of today’s challenges and explore how God—who is Love—helps us experience hope and peace, enables us to walk in faith and trust, and equips us to “be” love to others. Our prayer for is that this series helps you grow in your Connection to Christ, now in this time of uncertainty and always.

God is Love - Knowing God through Uncertainty (Introduction) Handout Video (8:14) Mark 1:9-11
Be Loved - Recognizing God's Presence Within and Around Us (Session 1) Handout Video (10:39) Isaiah 43:1-5
You are Not Alone - Encountering God, Even in Times of Isolation (Session 2) Handout Video (7:12) Psalm 139:7-12,17-18
Comfort - Coping with Loss through Prayer (Session 3) Handout Video (10:00) Matthew 7:7-11
Trust - Responding to Loss with Faithful Surrender (Session 4) Handout Video (10:17) Mark 4:35-41
Love your Neighbor - Embracing our Diversity as Children of God (Session 5) Handout Video (9:05) Luke 10:25-37
Hope - Facing Fear with Courage (Session 6) Handout Video (6:26) Jeremiah 29:11-13
Peace - Seeking Calm Amidst Anger and Disunity (Session 7) Handout Video (4:35) John 14:27, John 16:33, Phil 4:7
Freedom - Practicing Detachment to Break Unhealthy Habits (Session 8) Handout Video (9:04) Galatians 5:1, 13-25
Be Love - Becoming Men and Women for Others (Session 9) Handout Video (8:50) John 20:19-22

Scripture text taken New American Bible Revised Edition. Link here to the USCCB website.  

Special thanks to those on the content and creative team for this resource including: David Andriate, Allyssa and Darren Blair, Katie Cavallo, Julie Colman, Grace and Gretchen Esparza, Paulina Gonzales, Andrew Hannawi, Gayle Heyman, Deacon Chris Hulburt, Joe LaRussa, Betty Matteson, Kathy MacCarthy, Patrick McCay, Julie Misleh, Vita Reivydas, Maryanne Russell, Mary Pat Warner, Scott Weeman, and Cathy Winter.

Complete Resource

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