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Young Adults Around Town

Young Adults Around Town

qy3ssqtae988o4j1km0neuhj78l.JPGSan Diego Diocese Office for Young Adult Ministry

The San Diego Diocese Office for Young Adult Ministry  hosts many events throughout the year to bring all the young adults throughout the San Diego together as one body of Christ. They bring speakers from around the world to host events and retreats. The Office hosts the ever popular ‘Theology on Tap’ series. Be sure to keep in mind the annual August young adult Mega Mass, the annual Diocesan wide young adult retreat to Whispering Winds in September, and the annual “Best Gala Ever” young adult Christmas Gala in December.

SD YAM Website

v04u11p4llcc74jdmflcqjbbbxl.pngSD YAM Facebook

Instagram: @sdyam

Contact: Patrick Rivera & Pamela Poe


Catholic Young Adult Sportsmusdnfghi1uo71xl5khrxvu02al.JPG

This San Diego chapter gathers for hikes, pickup games, and has different sports leagues throughout the year including ultimate frisbee and beach volleyball. All levels of talent welcome, join a team as a free agent or sign up as a team.

CYAS Website 

v04u11p4llcc74jdmflcqjbbbxl.pngCYAS Facebook Group- San Diego 

(720) 924-6333

d9xgdnd5txo17wn6ytqtj3nrfil.JPGYoung Catholic Professionals (YCP)

YCP is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that encourages young adults working in various professions to ‘Work in Witness for Christ’. YCP hosts speaker series events each month with Catholic successful professionals in San Diego who discuss their career and faith. YCP also hosts Happy Hour Evenings and social events to network amongst each other and get to know other young adults in your field. Be sure to get on the mailing list so you don’t miss these awesome events to meet and learn from Catholic professionals in the area.

YCP Website

v04u11p4llcc74jdmflcqjbbbxl.pngYCP San Diego Facebook Group 

Contact: Cindy Yun, Assistant Director of Membership