Encounter Love Serve Jesus One Another The World



f0ynit3tsatdmitkuy9m1de7c8l.pngEach week we highlight people who are following Jesus (the Way) in their everyday lives.  Saint Brigid Parish is blessed with a diverse group of believers who encounter, love, and serve Jesus, one another and the world in their own unique ways. Find out:

-  What brought them originally to St. B's and what makes them stay

-  Who and what has influenced their faith journey 

-  What are their favorite types of prayer

-  What are their gifts and how do they share them 

-  How do they show God's love through service

Where does the Way come from?

The Way comes directly from Scripture.  At the last supper Jesus told Thomas and the other disciples "I am the way and the truth and the life" (John 14:6).  Because of this, the early Christian communities referred to themselves as the Way (Acts 9:2).  In addition, they used this title as a designation to describe their mode (way) of life.  We are called to continue the Way of Christ set forth by the first disciples through evangelizing Christ's love to others. 

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