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What is a disciple?  How can I be a disciple?

The simplest way to describe a disciple is a follower of Jesus.  What are some ways to become a disciple?  Listed below are the five characteristics of a dynamic disciple.  We invite you to explore each of these characteristics.  

- Believe in Jesus Christ

- Grow in Christ

- Gather in Christian community

- Love like Jesus

- Lead others to Christ

How did the first disciples lead others to Christ?

Read the Book of Acts.  Consider reading through the book of Acts on your own, with a friend or perhaps your C2C small group.  See a 7-week reading outline below; click here for reflections and questions.  We hope this journey will help you grow in community, faith, and willingness to spread God's love to the ends of the Earth!

Book of Acts 7-Week Reading Plan and Maps
Week  Chapters in Acts Map Links - courtesy of Free Bible images
Week 1 Acts 1:1—2:13 How the Gospel spread after Pentecost - Slide 2
Week 2 Acts 2:14—8:3 Where believers scattered to after Stephen's death - Slide 3
Week 3 Acts 8:4—9:43 Peter's Journey's - Slide 5
Week 4 Acts 10:1—15:35 Paul's First Missionary Journey - Slide 3
Week 5  Acts 15:36—18:22 Paul's Second Missionary Journey - Slide 4
Week 6 Acts 18:23—23:35 Paul's Third Missionary Journey - Slide 5
Week 7 Acts 24:1—28:31 Paul's Journey to Rome and Letters to Early Churches - Slide 6, 7 & 8

 Watch Father Steve's homily on discipleship.